Over the years our faithful readership has learned a lot. Again we make significant strides in this current study in discerning truth from error that surrounds such very important topics for the Christian like the crucifixion of Jesus and its relationship to atonement as taught by Paul in the New Testament. Again, if you have read this ministry's materials over the last years you have come complete understanding that much that is found in the New Testament has pagan origins and often this involves such "sacred" Christian doctrines like atonement. This escapes the new believer and often the "seasoned" believer if he has never had the opportunity for such study. If you are a new reader of our ministry's materials then the above statements can be quite difficult to handle and often this diminished one's desire to even look into such subjects. But truth is truth and lies are lies and anyone's worship of the Creator demands faithfulness to our Creator's Truth.

Not often, but in this case I feel warranted to caution my readership that certain necessary foundations will be necessary to be able to comprehend, understand, assimilate, and draw the proper conclusions from the data that will be presented in this series of articles. Let me explain.

Over the years we at Bet Emet have demonstrated that the Christian Old Testaments in the vast majority of Christian Bibles are a compilation of purposeful misquotes and mistranslations of the Jewish Masoretic Palestinian text which has been preserved by the Jewish people for over thousands of years. This shocking revelation is open for all to see if they only knew it existed and were interested to look. Of paramount importance for the Christian are their cardinal doctrines of atonement as much of it is taken from Isaiah 53. The problem is that Isaiah the prophet as read in the Hebrew Masoretic text in pertinent passages like Isa. 53 reads completely different than the "Christian edition". We as followers of Yeshua deserve a translation and not a fictional creationism. This purposeful errors in translation was done long, long ago and few Christians and Pastors are aware. They never knew to look! This fact alone means the Isaiah 53 that Christians read is not the Isaiah 53 that Yeshua read! This should up set you; especially since most of the New Testament's atonement teachings are grounded in a falsified text. So, before you read this series of articles, it is mandatory for you to become aware of such a terrible problem that exists with the Christian's Old Testament in the places enumerated. Understand as well that when the New Testament references Isaiah that it as well is mistaken and is quoting and referring to an adulterated text. You should understand up front that the Jews can be shown to only have translated the first five books of the Old Testament into Greek and the rest was done later by non-Jews at the religious capital of the world in that day…Alexandria Egypt. This explains how "pagan ideas" and "pagan religious beliefs" were intermixed among the pages of your Christian Old Testament and was later by default referenced by the New Testament. Our ministry has prepared a detailed expose of such conspiracy and have available on request the documentation of such errors in Isaiah 53. This material is necessary for anyone who desires to read the articles forthcoming in this current series.

Likewise, it is necessary before continuing this series of articles for one to completely understand the Sacrificial System in 'DETAIL". Over the years of my pastorate I encountered continually a level of misinformation and mis-instruction in Gentile Christianity that was of a staggering proportion. Whether one listens to the radio, tunes in on the television, or even listens to Pastors Sunday after Sunday the level of misinformation is staggering. I ought to know; I used to be part of it. I was well educated in one of the finest religious institutions in America where I obtained a Masters in theology with high honors. I continued to study and dedicated myself to such following Seminary and it was there by using the many skills acquired in Seminary that I researched almost every area of my faith. My intentions were not to prove anything wrong at all; I was just in love with God. I wanted to draw closer to Him and help my fellowship do likewise and the better equipped and prepared I made myself the better I could serve the people in this capacity. However, over the years I encountered many things that challenged my "faith" and what I had been taught to accept on "faith alone". Not wishing to be bested, I set out to prove the detractors wrong and vindicate myself and my faith. Honestly, over the years my knees had to bow to a higher truth often as I encountered facts, archeological evidence, reproducible history, and unrefutable evidence that proved that much of what I had accepted by "faith alone" was in truth "lies and error". I had been duped and never knew it; that is, until I studied my blessed assurance off. I could list almost innumerable accounts where by Christian religious belief system was shown to be in error. This is simply because my Christian religious belief system was grounded in a document that could, with just a little effort, be shown to be incompatible with the "facts". I had no choice but to repent because now God and me both knew the truth. If I had to pick an area in Christian theology where almost little light and truth resides that would be in the Christian's understanding of the Sacrificial System. My whole Christian life I had been taught that the "Jews" believe "this" and "that" about the Sacrificial System. Again, I was taught wrong. It was not until I met some Rabbis and asked them one on one about many questions that I had about the Bible that I was able to be the beneficiary of the "light" to the nations. Imagine my surprise when I found out that what I had been told by my Christian leaders that the Jews believe was just the opposite. These encounters only provoked more study on my part. I have said all this to say this: it is mandatory that you have an accurate understanding of the Sacrificial System, the dynamics involved in the role of the blood as it "represents" the soul of the sacrifice. You will come to understand that the whole of the Sacrificial System in reality did not PROVIDE ATONEMENT, it only "WITNESSED" to an already received atonement prior to the slaying of the animal! This crucial truth is mandatory for any Christian to understand even if his goal was not to read the remainder of these articles.

If you have not had the opportunity yet to acquaint yourself with this necessary knowledge, STOP right not and request these valuable and vital informative articles be sent you at once. I tell everyone to believe nothing I say or teach. You must study this out for yourself to prove to yourself these things be so. The references are available to the serious student…just ask. We will be glad to help you find the source documents that expose your "falsehoods" and that will lead you to repentance and more proper worship of God. My prayer is that you will respond and study these articles in detail and let it soak in. Use the greatest organ God ever gave man; his mind and THINK! Now and only now will you be able to handle what comes next. Shalom.